Siroki loves his local talents.  


On Tuesday morning, Our Austin Malutic made the trip up to Westminster College to talk to head basketball coach Kevin Siroki about all the local talent currently joining the titans program soon.  


Next season, Siroki will be welcoming the following local players. Heartland - Joey Donforio, Springfield - Alex Rothwell, Boardman - Trey Dipetro, Jefferson - Bobby Ray, West Branch - Jaxon Hendershott and Salem - Drew Weir. 


Coach Siroki already has Tyler James - Warren JFK, Drew Clark - Springfield, Reese Leone - West Branch, Austin O’Hara - Girard, Jordan Zupko - Mineral Ridge on the roster.  


So next season, Westminster will likely have 11 local players in the Malutic Live coverage area. 


Our Austin Malutic spoke to Coach about the importance of having local kids staying close to home, his interview is below. 


Story by Austin Malutic