OHSAA School Membership Dues Approved by Board of Directors


The Ohio High School Athletic Association Board of Directors has approved a recommendation from OHSAA Executive Director Doug Ute that membership dues be collected beginning with the 2021-22 school year. The measure, approved by a 9-0 vote by the Board on Monday, means each high school will contribute $50 per OHSAA sanctioned sport in which the school participates.


Total dues for the 2021-22 school year will range from $300 per school to $1,300, depending on the number of OHSAA-sanctioned sports in which a school is participating. The dues will be reviewed annually by an OHSAA Finance Committee and any modifications will be recommended to the Board by the executive director. In the future, dues will not exceed $100 per sport.


Levying dues means:


  • Member schools will no longer pay any tournament entry fees, bowling lineage fees, golf green fees or wrestling weight management fees. The membership due is all-inclusive.

  • Student scholarships will be reinstated during the 2021-22 school year.

  • Student catastrophic insurance coverage for all student-athletes, cheerleaders, student managers and student athletic trainers during in-season and OHSAA tournament practices and contests will continue to be provided at no cost to member schools.

  • OHSAA will continue to supply all team trophies and/or individual medals for champions, runners-up and other selected place-winners at the district, regional and state level.

  • OHSAA will continue to supply rule books, sport manuals, online rules meeting presentations plus other publications and tournament administrator passes at no cost to member schools. 

  • OHSAA will continue to pay high school fees for ArbiterGame accounts.

  • No membership dues will be levied against member 7th-8th grade schools.


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