Former Girard and YSU quarterback finds new home.  


Former Youngstown State quarterback and Girard High School standout Mark Waid announced Thursday on Twitter that he’s committing to Bentley University to continue his football career.


Bentley is a Division II program in Massachusetts.   


In his twitter post, Waid said, “Honored to continue my football career at Bentley University as a graduate transfer, while also receiving a dual masters in Finance and Business Administration. All glory to God”. 


Our Austin Malutic spoke to Mark via text messages, and Austin questions are in blue, Mark responses are in black.  


1. Mark, first off congratulations on this big announcement today, what drew you to Bentley University. 


2. So your degree is business and finance, what made you want to get into that degree ?


3. When you get to Bentley, you have to meet all new teammates.  Do you expect that to be a hard or an easy transaction?  


4. When you get to Bentley, what did the coach and you discuss about the position you’ll be playing? 


5.  What should fans at Bentley expect to see from you when you get up there?


Mark Waid Responses;


1.) The combination of first class academics with a great level of competition in football.


2.) I have always been interested in Finance, and have been constantly surrounded by family and friends in the industry.


3.) I have met and been around a lot of the guys already. They are great people and share a lot of the same viewpoints and outlooks on life as I do. I am excited to get up there with them!!




5) 5.) Someone who is going to give everything they can each day and someone who is ultra competitive.


Story by Austin Malutic