Malutic Live High School Football Pick Em List.

Every football season here at Malutic Live, We have 30 guys from either our staff, area basketball coaches, or even some area reporters from other stations choose weekly between all the high school football games.

It gets very fun and competitive throughout the season. Last season John Hancock, our West Branch reporter came away as the winner, he’ll try to make it two straight years.

You can see our picks on Malutic Live every Friday morning, In Week 1 make sure you look for our picks on that Thursday morning as we have our traditional week 1 games on all three days.

You’ll probably wondering who picked these guys?  Well….. Our Producer Jay Hig and Our Sports Director Austin Malutic first start by asking everyone who picked last year if they’d be interested in doing it again, and then we go with any one new we hired here since last season and lastly we just ask people who we feel fit in well with doing this and have supported us since the beginning.

Below you can check out the list of who will be participating in the 6th annual Malutic Live High School Football Pick em list.

1. Brian Garrett 
2. Austin Malutic
3. Jay Hig 
4. Bryan Harris 
5. Tim Corso 
6. Kevin Martin 
7. Connor Steffens 
8. Steve French 
9. Bob Gavalier 
10. Keith LaMorticella 
11. John Falconi
12. Ken English 
13. Corey Yoakam 
14. Vincent Serra 
15. Fred Furr 
16. Joseph Sierra 
17. Nick Dubos
18. Alex Rothwell 
19. Derek Patterson
20. Nico Vaparides
21. Ralph Sandy 
22. Andrew Baker 
23. Tim Contenzia 
24. Brian Whan 
25. Chris Kadvan 
26. Brandon Goist
27. John Hancock 
28. Matthew Wilson
29. Steven Hughes 
30. Rob Ensign


Story by Austin and Jay