On Wednesday August 4th the Cleveland Guardians released their 2022 schedule. Here are some important dates below.

Home opener - Thursday March 31st vs Kansas City Royals
First Road Game - Friday April 8th @ Kansas City Royals
Guardians - Play April 15-17 The San Fran Giants 
Guardians - Wrap up April with 9 away games. Yankees, Ankles and Athletics.
Guardians - Open May with Padres, Blue Jays at home before going to Chicago, Minnesota. 
Guardians - Come home May 17th with 2 games with Cincinnati and 3 with the Tigers
Guardians - Wrap up May with 7 out of 9 road games which include Houston and Detroit.
Guardians - Start June with 7 out of 9 home games before going to West Coast to play Rockies and Dodgers also finishing the road series in Minnesota.
Guardians - End June with 7 home games with Boston and Minnesota.
Guardians - Begin July at home with the Yankees and then playing 12 divisional games before the all star break. Guardians open the second half of play with 10 road games before coming home.
Guardians - Open August with 7 home games and then 6 away followed by 6 home and 6 away to end the month.
Guardians - September is a 5 game home stand before hitting the road for 6 and coming home to play 6 home before their last road series before then coming home to face the Rays and Royals to end their season.

Story by our Austin Malutic