South Range vs Warrensville Hts 


A back and forth affair for most of the game but in the end it was South Range who found a way to get a 51-44 win and advance to the Regional Final.


South Range led by Izzy Lamparty 26 points, Warrensville led by Jada Ward 13 points.


Scores after each quarter;

South Range 19 Warrensville 9 End 1st Q

South Range 26 Warrensville 25 End 2nd Q

South Range 41 Warrensville 39 End 3rd Q

South Range 51 Warrensville 44 End 4th Q


Poland vs Perry


Bulldogs season comes to the end by getting beat by Perry 43-23.


Poland led by Mary Brant 6 points, Perry led by Madyson Hacking 15 points.


Scores after each quarter;

Perry 9 Poland 4 End 1st Q

Perry 17 Poland 9 End 2nd Q

Perry 30 Poland 12 End 3rd Q

Perry 43 Poland 23 End 4th Q