It’s a district championship Saturday across the valley and we had 8 teams fighting for a right to move on. 


Champion @ Garfield 


This game was a battle for the first three quarters but in the fourth it was all Garfield as they ran away with a 64-54 win. 


Champion - Emma Gumont and Brooke Whitt 15 points each. Garfield - Grace Mills and Jenna Smith 24 points each.


Scores after each quarter;

Champion 17 Garrettsville Garfield 13 End 1st Q.

Champion 33 Garrettsville Garfield 26 End 2nd Q.

Champion 43 Garrettsville Garfield 43 End 3rd Q. 

Garrettsville Garfield 64 Champion 54 End 4th Q.  


Brookfield @ South Range 


A low scoring affair here in South Range as the Raiders found another way down the stretch to pull it as they defeated Brookfield to advance 41-30.  


Brookfield - Katie Logan 9 points. South Range -  Izzy Lamparty 16 points.   


Scores after each quarter;

South Range 7 Brookfield 6 End 1st Q.

South Range 16 Brookfield 11 End 2nd Q.

South Range 28 Brookfield 22 End 3rd Q.

South Range 41 Brookfield 30 End 4th Q. 


East Canton @ Western Reserve 


A game that was never close as Western Reserve  pulled away for a big 50-26 to capture a district 4 championship title. 


Western Reserve led by Danielle Vuletich 24 points, 11 boards. Olivia Pater 12 points,. East Canton led by Audrey Wade 7 points, Kammi Lebo 7 points.


Scores after each quarter;

Reserve 9 East Canton 3 End 1st Q

Reserve 29 East Canton 10 End 2nd Q

Reserve 46 East Canton 15 End 3rd Q

Reserve 50 East Canton 26 End 4th Q

Newton Falls @ McDonald


Another district 4 title for Matisi but this time it's with McDonald as they cruised to a 50-28 win over the Tigers.


McDonald led by Sophia Costantino 16 points, Newton Falls led by Bree Hudson 12 points.


Scores after each quarter;

McDonald 17 Newton Falls 10 End 1st Q

McDonald 29 Newton Falls 17 End 2nd Q

McDonald 39 Newton Falls 20 End 3rd Q

McDonald 50 Newton Falls 28 End 4th Q


Marlington @ Poland


A back and forth down to the wire affair tonight for the D2 district championship as Poland knocks off Marlington 40-38.


Poland led by Jackie Grisdale 16 points, 10 rebounds. Marlington led by Elizabeth Mason 15 points.


Scores after each quarter;

Poland 12 Marlington 10 End 1st Q

Marlington 24 Poland 23 End 2nd Q

Poland 33 Marlington 32 End 3rd Q

Poland 40 Marlington 38 End 4th Q