Ursuline @ Champion


A back and forth game tonight for the right to get to the District Championship as Champion was able to hold off Ursuline 58-54.


Champion led by Emma Gumont 19 points, Ursuline led by Anisah Moorman 16 points, Alayna Smith 16 points.


Scores after each quarter;

Champion 15 Ursuline 12 End 1st Q

Champion 29 Ursuline 29 End 2nd Q

Champion 46 Ursuline 37 End 3rd Q

Champion 58 Ursuline 54 End 4th Q


Crestview @ Brookfield


The Warriors have beaten the Rebels 3 times this year, tonight was to earn a right to the District Championship with a big 45-34 win.


Brookfield led by Sophie Hook 24 points, Crestview led by Maria Halas 14 points.

Scores after each quarter;

Brookfield 14 Crestview 7 End 1st Q

Brookfield 23 Crestview 16 End 2nd Q

Brookfield 27 Crestview 24 End 3rd Q

Brookfield 45 Crestview 34 End 4th Q


West Geauga @ Poland


An overtime affair in Poland tonight as they got past West Geauga 78-67 in a fantastic game putting the Dogs into the District Championship. 


Poland led by Jackie Grisdale 31 points, West Geauga led by Nicola Ehrebar 19 points.


Scores after each quarter;

Poland 19 West Gea 10 End 1st Q

Poland 35 West Gea 26 End 2nd Q

Poland 51 West Gea 43 End 3rd Q

Poland 64 West Gea 64 End 4th Q

Poland 78 West Gea 67 Final