Girls State Championship 3/13

McDonald vs Fort Loramie 


The Blue Devils struggled all morning long as they never ever found their rhythm as they fell short of the title 60-26. 


McDonald led by Molly Howard 10 points, Taylor Tuchek 9 points. Fort Loramie led by Dana Rose 13 points, Kenzie Hoelscher 12 points.   


Scores after each quarter;

Loramie 17 McDonald 2 End 1st Q. 

Loramie 30 McDonald 12 End 2nd Q. 

Loramie 49 McDonald 21 End 3rd Q. 

Loramie 60 McDonald 26 End 4th Q. 


This concludes the 2020-21 hoops season for us here at Malutic Live.  To all of our fans, We really appreciate the support and if it wasn’t for you royal fans and these amazing coaches and athletes we wouldn’t be able to do what we love. Stay up to date to our social media platforms for updates and some big announcements soon. Until next season that’s a wrap man.

Final Scores