The Division VI and VII All State team were announced Monday afternoon. Here's the complete list.


Offensive Player of Year was Springfield’s  - Beau Brungard. 

First Team Honors; 
Lucas Dattilo, Aaron Groner and Marshall Yelkin from Springfield.  Aidan Stephens also from LaBrae.  

Third Team Honors;
Tre’von Drake - LaBrae
Bo Snyder - Springfield

Honorable Mentions:
Devin Carter - LaBrae
David Altiere - Reserve 
Noah Pettry and Adam Pettry - LaBrae
Dallas McCracken - United 
Seandelle Gardner - Springfield 
Zeek Worsencraft - Springfield
Payne Brereton - United
Nathan Hemberger - LaBrae
Aj Bartolin - Brookfield 
Jay Marion Jethroe - LaBrae 

Connor Heater - Brookfield 


First Team:

Eddie Kiernan - Warren JFK

Second Team:
John Dragos - Warren JFK 

Noah Frederick - Sebring

Third Team:
Elijah Fredrick - Sebring

Honorable Mentions:

Vinny Ballone - Lowellville
Colton Soukop - Warren JFK 
Antwan Brown - Warren JFK 
Pat Valent - Warren JFK 
Vinny Layko - Lowellville 
Mike Mauro - Warren JFK 
Wyatt Morris - Southern Local
Mike Miller - Leetonia 
Sammi Hindi - Warren JFK 
Michael Ballone - Lowellville 
Alex DeSalvo - Warren JFK 
Ambrose Hoso - Warren JFK 

Tyler Stanley - Wellsville 


Story by Austin Malutic.