The Division DII and DIII All State team were announced Wednesday afternoon. Here's the complete list.

All Ohio Division II - First team: 
Fitch = Devin Sherwood 

All Ohio Div.II Hon. Mention:
Dom Foster - Warren Harding
Joe Sferra - Boardman
Josh Fitzgerald - Fitch
Kincade Tyson - Warren Harding
DeShawn Vaughn -Fitch

All Ohio Div. III - First Team:
Hubbard =  T.C.  Caffey 

All Ohio Div. III -Second Team:
Canfield = Broc Lowry

All Ohio - Div. III Hon. Mention:
Alex Goodrick - Hubbard
Nick Bowen - Canfield
Ben Chaney - Hubbard
Toby Smith - Canfield
Drew Carroce - Canfield

Story - Austin Malutic.