West Branch @ Chaney 


It was a night evening for the Warriors as the Chaney Cowboys clicked on every cylinder eliminating 73-41.


Chaney led by Sherrod Taylor 18 points, West Branch led by Dru DeShields 18 points.


Scores after each quarter;

Chaney 19 West Branch 7 End 1st Q

Chaney 41 West Branch 16 End 2nd Q

Chaney 60 West Branch 34 End 3rd Q

Chaney 73 West Branch 41 End 4th Q


Louisville @ Poland


The Bulldogs were tested tonight at home but they were able to take care of business with a 53-43.


Poland led by Christian Colosimo 16 points, Louisville led by Will Aljancic 12 points.


Scores after each quarter;

Poland 10 Louisville 5 End 1st Q

Poland 32 Louisville 18 End 2nd Q

Poland 43 Louisville 26 End 3rd Q

Poland 54 Louisville 43 End 4th Q


Chardon @ Canfield 


A game that the Cards were never even close in as Chardon defeated the Cards 82-71.


Canfield led by Trey Dye 33 points, Chardon led by Brady Toth 39 points.


Scores after each quarter;

Chardon 21 Canfield 14 End 1st Q

Chardon 43 Canfield 30 End 2nd Q

Chardon 67 Canfield 49 End 3rd Q

Chardon 82 Canfield 71 End 4th Q

Canton South @ Struthers


A blowout win for the Cats getting them to the District Championship as they defeated Canton South 78-58.


Struthers led by Trey Metzka 19 points, Canton South led by Shamar Blackmin 22 points.


Scores after each quarter;

Struthers 29 Canton South 9 End 1st Q

Struthers 49 Canton South 24 End 2nd Q

Struthers 60 Canton South 40 End 3rd Q

Struthers 78 Canton South 58 End 4th Q