Lutheran East vs Cardinal Mooney 


Falcons end Cardinal Mooney's incredible season. 


Lutheran East led by Jalen Knott 18 points, Mooney led by Mike Pelini 19 points.  


Scores after each quarter;

Lutheran East 9 Cardinal Mooney 4 End 1st Q

Lutheran East 34 Cardinal Mooney 9 End 2nd Q

Lutheran East 55 Cardinal Mooney 26 End 3rd Q 

Lutheran East 74 Cardinal Mooney 31 Final.  


Warren JFK vs Lucas 


A strong performance from Gabe Green and Cam Hollobaugh helps extend the Eagles season. 


Warren JFK led by Gabe Green and Cam Hollobaugh 15 points each. Lucas led by Ethan Sauder 14 points. 


Scores after each quarter;

Warren JFK 13 Lucas 8 End 1st Q

Warren JFK 25 Lucas 20 End 2nd Q

Warren JFK 44 Lucas 41 End 3rd Q

Warren JFK 54 Lucas 48 End 4th Q 


Richmond Heights vs Bristol


A rough start for the Panthers leads them into a loss with Richmond 77-37. 


Richmond led by Josiah Harris 22 points, Bristol led by Mikey Burbach 14 points. 


Scores after each quarter;

Richmond Heights 28 Bristol 5 End 1st Q. 

Richmond Heights 49 Bristol 19 End 2nd Q. 

Richmond Heights 72 Bristol 35 End 3rd Q. 

Richmond Heights 77 Bristol 37 End 4th Q. 


Norwayne vs Springfield 


A very good game back and forth as Springfield wasn’t able to hold on as Norwayne advanced with a 55-49 win. 


Springfield led by Clay Medvec 17 points, Norwayne led by Joey Raudebaugh 14 points. 


Scores after each quarter;

Springfield 14 Norwayne 7 End 1st Q. 

Springfield 23 Norwayne 23 End 2nd Q. 

Norwayne 42 Springfield 39 End 3rd Q. 

Norwayne 55 Springfield 49 End 4th Q.