Warren JFK @ McDonald


2 of the best D4 teams battled it out tonight and left it all out there but at the end Warren JFK was too much as they went on to get the win 77-55.


Warren JFK led by Cam Hollobaugh 19 points, McDonald led by Jake Portolese 18 points.


Scores after each quarter;

Warren JFK 19 McDonald 10 End 1st Q

Warren JFK 39 McDonald 31 End 2nd Q

Warren JFK 54 McDonald 46 End 3rd Q

Warren JFK 77 McDonald 55 End 4th Q

Waterloo @ Mooney


A 3 ball by Mike Pelini gives Mooney a win in the overtime frame over Waterloo .


Mooney led by Michael Pelini 24 points. Waterloo led by Kyle Shockley 32 points.


Scores after each quarter;

Waterloo 11 Mooney 7 End 1st Q

Waterloo 20 Mooney 18 End 2nd Q

Mooney 32 Waterloo 31 End 3rd Q

Mooney 47 Waterloo 47 End 4th Q

Mooney 58 Waterloo 55 End Game 


Py Valley @ Springfield 


A big win for Steve French and the Tigers at home tonight in a game that was not that close as they took down Py Valley 63-53.


Springfield led by Beau Brungard 16 points, Py Valley led by James Wilkerson 15 points,


Scores after each quarter;

Springfield 12 Py Valley 11 End 1st Q

Springfield 35 Py Valley 19 End 2nd Q

Springfield 46 Py Valley 36 End 3rd Q

Springfield 63 Py Valley 53 End 4th Q

Mathews @ Bristol

Bristol takes a commanding win over Mathews tonight as they ran away with it and took down the Mustangs 74-44.

Bristol led by Nick Church with 20 points, and Mathews was led by Vinny Sharp with 15 points.

Scores after each quarter;

Mathews 16 Bristol 15 End 1st Q

Bristol 36 Mathews 20 End 2nd Q

Bristol 57 Mathews 32 End 3rd Q

Bristol 74 Mathews 44 End 4th Q